The current major focus of this Foundation is on to performance, as we know that music as a vast subject is by - enlarge a performing art. Therefore, to provide worthy platform(s) to upcoming, deserving outstanding talents, as we all know that, though being deserving, a fruitful break - through is something most difficult and struggling for an artist is a major moto of PARMAARTH FOUNDATION, under a separate banner by the name of PARMAARTH EVENTS. The Foundation under this banner desires to organise concerts all over the world.

Our such concerts will be on various Themes, e.g, Uncommon Raagas (Aprachalit Raagein), Morning Raagas (Subha ke Raagein), Seasonal Raagas (Mausami Raagein) etc. etc. and etc.

Its focus is also onto various other aspects of musical areas like educate the current generation about our heritage music, publish books etc. On various matters related to music. Its aim is thus mainly onto promote and uphold to all connoisseurs and simultaneously maintain and preserve the traditional manner of true Cultural and Musical Heritage (i.e, Gurukul Sangeet Evam Sanskritik Pranali) in the forms of Performance, Lecture Demonstrations, Seminars, Workshops and Archives etc. in every nook and corner of this heritage country, be that in schools, colleges, institutions and even corporate events during the future years to come.

PARMAARTH FOUNDATION's' Focus if summed up, it can be said that it is mainly emphasising on to organising Musical Concerts at State, National and International level s, in various genres by booth young and hidden outstanding talents and also by other established artistes of booth National and International cardes, for Music being first and foremost a performing art.

The FOUNDATION has many other plans and missions but in order to achieve all above goals, the basic and primary need is ' Fund' and it is known that no society can neither run nor exist without that. If your help and our efforts get together, then it is believed that no obstacles and hindrances can ever stop PARMAARTH FOUNDATION from achieving its desired goal for the noble cause, i.e. 'Parmaarth'.


(Registered under trust registration Act 1882)
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