PARMAARTH FOUNDATION is non - profitable, non - govt. registered Foundation purely for the cause of Art, Culture and Literature. It is primarily dedicated into promoting Indian Classical and Light - classical and Folk Music. The Foundation looks forward as its mission, to uphold and by drawing attention towards various extinct education and subsequently, maintain and preserve them in the society for the purpose of our Cultural and Musical Heritage. Its efforts are to revive, uphold and keep alive various areas related to Music which are seldom whether found or heard like 'forms' (shily) 'instruments', 'percussions', 'gharanas' (styles), 'paramparik bandish' (traditional compositions), publish various 'granthas' (manuscripts) like "Pandulipi" etc. all for the cause of Cultural and Musical Heritage. Its mission is to spread Music even in Urban and Sub - urban sectors and also extend music to the physically different children and also try curing them through Music as a therapy. The mission of this Foundation is to preserve the heritage of culture, spiritual, historical and social activities for the cause of National and International communal harmony, peace fraternity, equality, integrity in society.

PARMAARTH FOUNDATION's mission if thus summed up, it can be said that it desires to do the best for all those who are associated with all fronts of Music Culture and Literature.


(Registered under trust registration Act 1882)
20/2, 2nd Floor, Street No – 4A, KishanKunjExtn., Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi
Mob: - +917042798991, +91-8527145227, +918826021114
Email: info@parmaarthfoundation.com

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